Illegal movement of protected persons from the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea to the territory of the Russian Federation

According to forcibly imposed in Crimea the Russian law, all the «terrorist cases» are trialed in the «Southern District Military Court» (Rostov-on-Don). Even at the stage of judicial investigation, detainees are transferred to trial on the territory of the Russian Federation. They are often not returned until the court verdict. Even if the case was heard in Crimea, after the sentence comes into force, people are transferred to Russian prisons, especially in political cases. Furthermore, Russian authorities try to send them as far as possible. For example, Oleg Sentsov was sent to Labytnangi, Alexey Sizonovich to Irkutsk (both released on September 7, 2019), Emir-Usein Kuku, Ruslan Zeitulaev, brothers Teymur and Uzeyir Abdullayev to Salavat, Republic of Bashkortostan. It intentionally cut dissent’s ties with their relatives to increase the psychological pressure both on detainees and on their families. Such treatment of Ukrainian citizens – their illegal movement from Crimea is a war crime under international law.