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The Crimea Platform is a new international consultation and coordination format set up to develop the initiative put forward by President of Ukraine and aimed at improving the effectiveness of the international response to the ongoing occupation of Crimea, responding to growing security threats, increasing international pressure on the Kremlin, preventing further rights violations and protecting victims of the occupation regime, as well as achieving the main goal – deoccupation of Crimea and its return to Ukraine.

About Platform

Crimea Is Ukraine!

The Crimea Platform  brings under its auspices all thematic events and initiatives on the Crimea issue in the framework of international organizations and other international governmental and non-governmental forums. 

The Platform  operates at three  levels: governmental, ministerial expert ones.

The main areas of the Platform’s activity are as follows:

  • consolidation of policy of non-recognition of the attempted annexation of Crimea;
  • efficiency of sanctions, their strengthening and closing loopholes for circumvention;
  • protection of human rights and international humanitarian law;
  • ensuring security in the region of Black Sea and the Sea of Azov and beyond, protecting the freedom of navigation;
  • overcoming of adverse economic and environmental impact of the occupation of Crimea on the region.

The Crimea Platform Inter-Factional Association, established in the Verkhovna Rada in December 2020  plays an important role within the parliamentary track. The IFA  works within interparliamentary friendship groups and parliamentary assemblies of international organizations.